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Window – Workface – Essential default

then click on FILE and select NEW and then name it.

1.Double click on the lock icon on the background layer to unlock the layer, then you select a color, and name it, BACKGROUND

2. Learn the move tool by selecting the background layer by clicking on the it in the layer tab and then select the move tool and move.

3. Undo- CTRL +ALT+Z, because CTRL+Z only undo’s once, when used more than once produces wrong effect

4. to add any shape to your work, go down to the tool and select the rectangle, or better still right click to see more shape tools like circle or squirle tool and then click and drag.

5. go up to the fill color and select a fill color for the rectangle or any shape you have chosen.

6. you can move by clicking on the move tool, and also by holding down shift key and to move horizontally.

7. rotate – CTRL+T – transform – guide mouse to the corner of the box to click and drag or check up to input the angles to rotate.

8. you can undo by clicking the undo icon to cancel the transform or commit the transform.

9. you can scale visually by click and drag or use the size on the menu. you can also hold the shift key and do that. note you have to be on the transform mode. – CTRL +T


make sure you are in the rectangle layer. and that is on the top of the baclground layer. you can drag layer – background in always on the borrom

  1. add effect – click on the rectangle- go down to the effect icon (fx) -click on blending option.
  2. drop shadow – go down in the blending option dialogue box and click on drop shadow – increase the size and the spread.
  3. add a stroke – a stroke is an outline – add a color to the stroke – you can increase the size of the stroke
  4. add Bevel and embose – increase the depth and size
  5. add patter overlay- pick any texture you want
  6. outer glow – red – like a drop shadow
  7. inner glow
  8. color overlay and change color – you mustn’t do this
  9. inner shadow
  10. gradient over-layer – cool feature for blending different colors -try it


  1. file- place– to place image inside a project , or file – open – to work on the picture alone
  2. using file – open
    • duplicate – click the lasso tool
    • go to down and click the zoom icon
    • change to 100%
    • once zoom in – go to the focus point – use the lesso tool – click and drag to cut out where you want
    • zoom back out – 50%
    • double click the lock icon on the layer (background) and rename (macl) to start using – click ok
    • cmake sure the layer is selected CRTL + V
    • now we have two layers
    • you can hide layer by clicking the eye icon
    • hide the background
    • brind the background back
    • use the move tool and move it to any where you want
    • CRTL+T  to transform by making it face the old picture
    • Go to the width on top and add a minus in front to twist it then move . you can click and drag or move or rotate.

3  you can also do effect as before-drop shadow glow e.t.c

4  make adjustment layer

-crop up


-new adjustment layer –(editing layer on top just to edit)

Decrease brightness or contrast

Add another agjustment layer(levels)

Add new adjustment layer (exposure)

  • Decrese exposure e.t.c
    • Add another adjustment layer (color lookups) then play witjh it, they are actually filters(adjustment layers)

4 working with text

  • Click on the T icon
    • Click where you want to write and type
    • Then move to place
    • Go up and change the front and anything you want to change-font size-72 pixels or500 pixels
    • Go to effects (fx) layer style – blend mode – difference, play with it- drop shadow e.t.c.
    • Press ok when done.

5 Essential tools

  1. Erase tool
    • Go up and select the size (100Px), hardness(0%)
    • Select the duplicated layer and erase it. If the hardness is (100%) the erasing is creapsper and beter depending  on what you want .
    • You can also chanfe the brush
  2. Pen tool
    • Makes objects (logos)
    • Create a new project –new – e.t.c or continue with old project

Used by picking points – hold shift key and press CRTL to edit a point by extending it. Key for streight line, you can also click the nodes to join. Also right click and chose “make a custom shape”, pick a shape, get to the top and convert to shape, then add effects and make your shaped design.

Second series

  • Useful tool – for photo editing e.t.c.

Making an object disappear

  1. Bring in an image by file-open – This layer is created that is unlocked as you bring in the image
  2. Create a new layer by going down close to the fx and clicking the new layer button
  3. Click the pen tool or press the p key shortcut then select the image you want to take out,then go to the property bar and increase the size of the blur brush to 105 – not so close to the image close off the selection by clicking where you started
  4. Right Click inside the selected image and click on make selection,  select feather radius as 0.1 and anti-alias, new selection, then press ok.
  5. Click on the Stamp tool – press Alt then Click on the area you want to sample then paint over the image to remove it and replace it with the background sampled. You can Alt + click drag to change the brush. when done,click the selection tool to unselect size.
  6. Use the blur tool to blend it in – Click the blur tool,but first merge this layers by clicking on one,then go to the property bar and increase the size of the blur brush to 105, holding the shift key and clicking the other then right clicking on the other and choosing merger layers.
    • Click the blur tool – Click and drag the edges to blur in.
    • Do this zoomed in to get it well
    • Zoom out to see your finished work

logo design
locked background
text tool for text layer and click and type Tclassified.com
character…change the font to sans serrif or any font style and font size to bigger font size
click out and move to position
drag down by using alt key to make duplicate ie click and drag holding the alt key
double click the second text and write educational technology and ict operations
transform to scale down the size of the second text
change the font in the character to comic or any fontstyle
then select both text and go up to align horizontally center

make a new layer

click the elipse tool to draw a circle by holding down the shift key

palce the shape at the upper left side of the text and click drag small horizontally holding the alt to duplicate

change the color of the second shape by selecting it and clicking the paint bucket tool

click on swatches and select a color the the dialog box that pops up

select the two shapes by clicking one and holding the shift key and clicking the other

click on layers and on combine shapes, then subtract from shape option

then by pressing the alt key make duplicate and transform to increase the size of the outer shape

then rotate the inner shape and bring it closer to the text

click the outer shape and rotate in opposite direction and bring closer the inner shape

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